Waypoint covers over 80% of expenses in charter

Amazing!  Waypoint 36 in charter covers over 80% of ownership expenses

Our American Tug charter program has been a huge success; charter guests are enjoying the boats and returning year after year, while at the same time those guests are helping our boat owners to pay for their tugs.  A win/win deal.

Rick Sale, manager of San Juan Yachting who runs the charter program, is excited about the new Waypoint 36.  He said it is the perfect boat for charter with its 2-stateroom interior.  His “Charter Cashflow Projection” shows it will cover over 80% of ownership expenses.  Let someone else help pay for your new boat!

Give Steve Scruggs a call at American Tug to learn more about the amazing new Waypoint at 360-466-2961.  Rick Sale can help you with your charter questions and how the cashflow works so well 360-305-9559.  Full explanatory notes are here.

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See the American Tug Charters fleet here

Waypoint Launch: Full photo gallery

Launching Day – May 16, 2018

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (31)

The new Waypoint 36 – click photo for full photo gallery

Waypoint 36 - Launch day  5-16-2018 001 (22).JPG

Waypoint 36 Salon & Galley – click photo for full photo gallery

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (6)

Waypoint 36 master stateroom – click photo for full photo gallery

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (11)

Waypoint 36 Guest Stateroom – click photo for full photo gallery

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (13)

Waypoint 36 Head & Stall Shower – click photo for full photo gallery

2 Staterooms + Convertible Dinette = Sleeps 6

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (17)

Waypoint 36 Raised Pilothouse – click here for full photo gallery

Waypoint 36 - Launch day 5-16-2018 001 (21)

Waypoint 36 Raised Pilothouse – click photo for full photo gallery


We are very proud to introduce the new Waypoint 36 by American Tug.  Call Steve Scruggs at American Tugs for full information.  360-466-2961 or steve@americantugs.com

Build Photos: Waypoint 36

Waypoint - shop floor 5-2018

Waypoint 36: On the shop floor

Waypoint 36001 helm3 5-2018

Waypoint 36: Helm with pedestal seat & console

Waypoint 36001 galley 5-2017

Waypoint 36: Large galley with shaker style joinery

Waypoint 36001 dinette 5-2017

Waypoint 36: Dinette – Converts to sleep two

Waypoint 36001 salon 5-2018

Waypoint 36: Salon & Galley

Call Steve Scruggs for complete information on the Waypoint 36.  Limited availability this year, introductory special price of $350,000.  Call now at 360-466-2961 or steve@americantugs.com

Anacortes logo w dates


Waypoint 36 debut at Anacortes Show

New Waypoint 36 International debut at the Anacortes Boat show

May 17-20 at Cap Sante Marina

Waypoint - shop floor 5-2018

American Tug is pleased to show off the new Waypoint at the Anacortes Boat Show.  The Waypoint is the perfect family cruising tug with two spacious cabins and a convertible dinette, she sleeps six comfortably.

Anacortes logo w dates

Introductory priced at $350,000, Tomco marine is prepared to deliver boats for this summers cruising season.  Call Steve Scruggs for more information at 360-466-2961 or Steve@americantugs.com.

New build: 435 #12 is underway


American Tug 435 one-piece deck mold.

American Tug 435 hull #12 is now under construction.

This is our one-piece deck mold, rotisserie mounted for ease of lamination. Hand layup of fiberglass will continue all week. A one-piece mold includes the upper deck and pilothose roofs for strength, no leaks or squeaks, no caulked joints to ever fail. American Tug quality!

Call Steve for more info at 206 930 6139. Let’s build your dream.

316 American milled stainless steel – the real deal

At boat shows I hear a lot of interesting questions.  Under the bright lights and with all the boats shined up, it is a bit of blur trying to find distinctions between manufacturers.  The question that many first time shoppers is trying to answer, “is this a good boat?”.

I have suggested that you can quickly ascertain the quality of a boat by looking at the stainless steel and the sound deadening package.  A boat builder can scrimp and save money here, or he can choose the best materials and build a real yacht.

Waypoint stainless 3 (Small)

American milled 316 fully polished 1.25 inch stainless rail

We have just installed the bow rail on the new Waypoint 36.  This is American milled 316 fully polished stainless steel, not imported fake stainless but the real marine grade.   We use the heavier 1-1/4 inch railing with coped joints and TIG welded so the railing is rock solid and does not rattle or get loose.   We are building yachts, not boats.

Sound deadening

Sound deadening – generous use of multi-density foam

We use a great deal of thick multi-density foam sound deadening material in building our tugs.  No corners cut here, you need to be thorough to build a quality yacht as 80% of the noise can escape through just a 5% opening in the envelope.  Air transmitted and structurally transmitted noises are addressed with the American Tug comprehensive approach.  Our supplier, Soundown, is the industry leader in acoustic control.

For information on the American Tugs or Waypoint 36 construction please give me a call.  Steve Scruggs at 206-930-6139 or steve@americantugs.com.


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