Summer Expedition 2014 to the Broughton’s

Explore the Broughton Islands: June 28th through July 14th, 2014

Cruise with friends in the Broughton Island Archipelago.  A loose itinerary allowing lay days, time to explore alone or as a group, to fish, relax and enjoy your tug.

Port Harvey

Port Harvey Marine Resort was new on the scenes a few years ago.  George & Gail Cambridge are now known for a friendly reception, pizza at the Red Shoe Restaurant and fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning.  This will be our first stop and meeting point on June 28th, located just off Johnstone Strait.
Can Am holidays at Sullivan Bay

Sullivan  Bay, BC in the Broughton Islands for Canada Day and/or the 4th of July.  Watch the parade and hit the driving range.  July 1-5, 2014.  This is a fun place to hang out amongst gorgeous scenery and new friends.

Turnbull Cove

Turnbull Cove is an ideal spot for building a “star raft” or “wagonwheel” on July 7th.  A large protected moorage just outside the entrance to Kenneth Passage, one of the prettiest places I have ever been!

Nimmo Bay fire
Nimmo Bay Resort in Mackenzie Sound has extended an invitation to our tug owners for a private fully inclusive dinner on July 8th.  They will send their boat over to Turnbull Cove to pick up those guests that wish a fantastic dining experience in a pristine wilderness.

Jennis buildings

Let’s visit Jennis Bay Marina and  Drury Inlet on July 10th.  Drury offers wonderful crabbing and kayaking on protected waters.  Jennis Bay Marina is a fun stop with a pot luck led by your host Kim.  A good walk to Huaskin Lake is always a fun adventure.

Pierres aerial

A trip to the Broughton’s would not be complete without meeting Pierre!  Pierre’s at Echo Bay has invited our group for July 13-14th, with a private Prime Rib dinner on July 14th for our expedition finale and wrap up.


The American Tug Summer Expedition is open to any and all of those in the American Tug family, come and join us.  Call Steve Scruggs at the American Tug factory to sign up.  Join the fun by calling 360-466-2961 or email