Waypoint covers over 80% of expenses in charter

Amazing!  Waypoint 36 in charter covers over 80% of ownership expenses

Our American Tug charter program has been a huge success; charter guests are enjoying the boats and returning year after year, while at the same time those guests are helping our boat owners to pay for their tugs.  A win/win deal.

Rick Sale, manager of San Juan Yachting who runs the charter program, is excited about the new Waypoint 36.  He said it is the perfect boat for charter with its 2-stateroom interior.  The “Charter Cashflow Projection” shows it will cover over 80% of ownership expenses.  Let someone else help pay for your new boat!

Give Steve Scruggs a call at American Tug to learn more about the amazing new Waypoint at 360-466-2961.  Rick Sale can help you with your charter questions and how the cashflow works so well 360-305-9559.  Full explanatory notes are here.

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