Canada rescinds tariff on US made boats

o-CANADA-UNITED-STATES-FLAGSCanada has lifted their tariff on American made powerboats!  

The Order Amending the United States Surtax Order (Other Goods) was approved and registered earlier this week (registration #SOR/2019-111).  This Order amends the United States Surtax Order (Other Goods) to remove boats (tariff items 8903.10.00, 8903.91.00, 8903.92.00 and 8903.99.90) from the list of goods subject to Canada’s countermeasures against certain imports from the U.S., effective April 30, 2019.  As such, all boats imported on or after April 30, 2019, are no longer subject to surtaxes on a forward basis.

We have always valued our friendships with our Canadian neighbors. 

Trawler Fest Seattle


Come see us at Trawler Fest Seattle 

When:  April 25th thru 27th –  10am to 5pm
Where:  Seattle’s Bell Harbor Marina at Pier 66
What:  The New Waypoint 36 on display


Come and see the new Waypoint 36, ask me about a new American Tug build or let’s talk about some of our great brokerage listings.  Let 2019 be your best summer ever!


Trawler Fest 2019 at Seattle's Pier 66 Marina on the Waterfront
Trawler Fest 2019 at Seattle’s Pier 66 Marina on the Waterfront